Dominique Corti’s story.

Much is known about Dominique’s mother, one of the first female surgeons in Canada, and the Lacor Hospital, today a major African success story. But little is known about Dominique, her life, and her selfless work to keep her parents’ dream alive.

With her passionate personality and strong moral values, Dominique is rooted in her Canadian and Italian heritage, and works hard to bring hope to the Lacor community. Born in 1962, Dominique grew in and with the hospital, which, against all odds, survived its humble beginnings: one small building run by a handful of nuns has now become an important teaching hospital. The hospital also managed to survive Idi Amin’s violent regime, the brutal 20-year civil war between the rebels of the Lord’s Resistance Army and Ugandan government troops, and deadly epidemics, including the world's greatest health challenges: HIV/AIDS and Ebola. Dominique lived through it all, but when the country collapsed, she was finally forced to leave Uganda, and her parents, for her own safety and for a better education.

Both her parents are now gone. Dr. Teasdale died in 1996 from AIDS contracted while operating on wounded soldiers; Dr. Corti passed away in 2003. Sadly, their chosen successor, Dr. Matthew Lukwiya, also died during the 2000 Ebola epidemic despite his heroic efforts to contain the disease and protect the community and his staff. Today, it is Dr. Teasdale and Dr. Corti’s daughter, Dr. Dominique Corti, who, along with many others, ensures her parents’ legacy at Lacor, by uniting efforts from Canada, Italy and Uganda.

This film explores Dominique’s past through exclusive access to archival footage from the Teasdale-Corti family. Audiences will learn the details of her battle to ensure health access in one of the poorest areas of the world, and the stories behind her tremendous bond with the hospital. Without Lacor Hospital, 250,000 patients would not be treated each year, a remarkable legacy would be lost, and an African success story would disappear. Dominique, a determined and inspiring woman, will move each of us with her story and her strong will to overcome all obstacles to ensure Lacor Hospital’s survival.

Film’s supporting characters

Piero Corti

Dominique’s father

Lucille Teasdale

Dominique’s mother

Matthew Lukwiya

Former medical director of Lacor Hospital

Fratel Elio Croce

Comboni Missionary at Lacor Hospital

Contardo Vergani

Dominique’s husband

Bruno Corrado

Former director of Lacor Hospital

Giuseppe Riva

Dominique’s cousin

Giuseppina Corti

 Dominique’s aunt

Paola Bottini Corti

Dominique’s aunt

Jennifer Kane

Dominique’s friend

Carlo Spagnolli

Friend of Piero and Lucille

Cristoforo Riva

Dominique’s cousin

Benedetto Riva

Dominique’s cousin

Dr. Emmanuel Ochola

Director of the  HIV/AIDS Research department of Lacor Hospital

Alessio Nencini and Marco Prati

Lacor Hospital Consultant

Francesco Bevilacqua

Benefactor of the Lacor Hospital and co-author of “l bambini della notte”